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ELARI held its first press conference on the Ozon stream.
17 December 2020
On December 17, 2020, ELARI held the new ELARI KidPhone 4GR equipped with a Kids Radio button presentation. This happened on the Ozon stream. ELARI founder Yosef Sachs and TV presenter Tutta Larsen were holding the presentation.
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A winter theme on the ELARI KidPhone 4GR watch!
16 December 2020
Anticipating the New Year holidays, ELARI has released a new update for the ELARI KidPhone 4GR smartwatch. Seasonal interfaces in the form of 5 additional screens and animation of falling snow were added to the standard themes and wallpapers. Santa Claus, tangerines, Christmas lollipops, snowman, an...
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The new "smart" ELARI KidLight Krosh night light is a great New Year's gift.
8 December 2020
Holidays are getting closer, and there is less time to prepare a New Year's gift for a child. ELARI has released a new product specifically for the New Year – a silicone night light for children in the shape of Krosh, the main character in the Smeshariki cartoon. This is the first licensed silic...
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Radio on a wrist: collaboration between ELARI and Kids Radio – new entertaining and educational content in 4GR smartwatch!
8 December 2020
The new kids' smartwatches model - ELARI KidPhone 4GR that went on sale in October 2020, received a software update in December. Along with the updated interface and functionality, there was a button added that allows to quickly turn on the Kids Radio station. Starting from December 7, 2020, the...
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Perfect cleanliness with ELARI SmartBot assistants #Announcement, #Smart Home
23 November 2020
Robot vacuum cleaners are gradually becoming an integral part of modern families' lives. ELARI will help you choose truly yours, most suitable, intelligent assistant that is ready to ensure perfect cleanliness in small apartments, rooms with pets, and spacious houses. Meet ELARI SmartBot Lite, ELARI...
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The kids' safety is under the Fixies' control! #Announcement, #Smart-watch
3 November 2020
The watch-phone is specially designed not just as a means of communication, but as an assistant to a kid in the knowledge of the world. The bright menu has an entire kid's support team built right into it: each function is represented by the unique Fixie. It is not necessary to know how to read ...
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KidPhone 4GR - the flagship in the family of the ELARI kids' watches #Smart-watch, #Announcement
22 October 2020
The first 4G kids' watch on the Android platform that is round - this is symbolized by the R prefix in the name - Round. The watch is equipped with the IPS 1.3" 240x240 touchscreen. The reliable and compact 580 mAh battery holds the charge well and does not overheat, while not weighing down...
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Clean and safe in one second! #SmartCare
6 October 2020
The new ELARI SmartCare dispensers - one to for soap and another one for antiseptic - provide you with protection during the virus season. Cleaning or washing your hands is now sinmpler than ever: place your palm under the dispenser and within seconds you'll have a bar of mild soap foam or antis...
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ELARI + Next Mobile: perfect communication with your child
11 August 2020
Collaboration with the mobile operator Next Mobile sets a new bar in communication for ELARI kids' watch users.
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Your home. Smarter and more obedient
5 August 2020
The ELARI smart home ecosystem is constantly growing and improving. Introducing a new way of controlling light bulbs, switches, sockets, IR remotes, robot vacuum cleaners, and other smart devices and their automatic actions: use your voice! ELARI SmartHome works with all popular voice assistants: Al...
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