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Smart. Safe. Contactless.
Take care of yourself and your loved ones during epidemics
and seasonal growth of virus activity.
A modern alternative to bank cards and germ-laden bills in your pockets, along with a set of SmartPay payment accessories.
Smart and contactless payment
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Easy, pleasant and safe hand washing with the SmartCare touch dispenser. You don't need to touch anything: just bring your palm up.
Safe hand washing
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The ELARI SmartCare non-contact antiseptic dispenser protects you from bacteria and viruses in a modern and easy way.
Instant clean hands
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The SmartCare non-contact infrared thermometer measures temperature safer and faster - just a couple of seconds.
Instant measurement
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Working for you.
Even during the quarantine.

We care about providing quality and safe service for you, and that is why we have made the purchase conditions safe and profitable.


No one to talk to at home? Smart Alice will always find the answer, search the Internet, tell a fairy tale to kids, will put on a relaxing sound of the surf or your favorite playlist. And will also help to manage your smart home.

NanoPods 2

Immerse yourself into your favorite music or an audiobook, summon a voice assistant with a press of a button. Oh, and NanoPods 2 are not afraid of water.

KidPhone «Well, Just You Wait»

Original kids’ smartwatch with favorite cartoon characters for safety and communication.

ELARI SmartHome

Manage your smart home with one app
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ELARI SafeFamily

Universal application for the ELARI line of smart children's watch-phones


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