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The best ELARI smartwatch for children development and parents' calmness
Stylish smartwatch with a round design, Alice from Yandex, and Kids' radio will make a child feel like an adult. This smartwatch has it all: safety, communication, education, and entertainment features.
Stylish round design
The smartwatch screen is recessed into the dial frame and protects the device from possible damage in case of bumps and drops. Durable, comfortable silicone strap provides a firm grip without any allergies and does not irritate the skin.
Powerful processor. Android OS
The combination of the powerful hardware and the Android OS allows to use all the functions to the maximum: make video calls, listen to music, use a voice assistant, customize the interface.
IP67 certified protection
The smartwatch will function normally even if the child washes their hands wearing it or gets caught in the rain. However, it would be better to take the smartwatch off when swimming or in the shower.
Configurable themes and watch faces
The bright touchscreen is easy to see, even in direct sunlight. The interface design can be easily changed between one of 4 themes or 20 watch faces according to your mood.
More than just a
smartwatch for kids
Multifunctional smartwatch with video calls and Alice from Yandex using 4G speeds will be an excellent gift for elementary school students. The round design and the stylish included strap will instantly make your child feel like an adult.
Control from the app
The watch can be controlled and configured remotely from the parents’ smartphones using ELARI SafeFamily app, available in AppStore and Google Play.
Focus on studies
Class mode
Makes sure that the kid will be focused to the maximum in school.
Activate “Class mode” so that all incoming calls and other functions, except from the clock and SOS-button will be blocked during the study time
Set safe areas on the map, for instance – “School”. You will receive a notification if the smartwatch leaves the indicated area.
Set alarms and other notifications, so that your kid will arrive to school in time.
Keep close. Even closer
Video calls
Miss your kid and want to have a face-to-face conversation? Video calls using 4G speeds will allow to have the conversation without any lags or stuttering, whilst looking at your kid’s face. Also, you will surely know, where and how your kid is missing school ;)
Enjoy the music
Built-in MP3 player
There is enough storage space inside to listen to favorite music, audiobooks and listen to them right on a wrist using built-in MP3 player. Simply connect any Bluetooth headphones so that your kid will happily walk to school listening to music.
Change watch faces
Configurable themes and wallpapers
The interface can be easily catered to anyone’s liking using standard and seasonal themes. This feature can help the kid to change the smartwatch to a personal style.
Alice, tell us, what you can do!
Kids love to talk with Alice. And she makes sure that they are kept educated, entertained, and never bored! Alice gives her answer instantly, thanks to 4G speeds. This way, it seems like she lives right in the smartwatch.
How much does a
cat weigh?
Let’s talk
What is 17+7?
Put on a fairy tale
Let’s play Word Chain
What is the weather
like today?
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