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Live smart. And happy.
About a brand
ELARI designs and manufactures innovative consumer electronics products and technology services. Since its foundation in 2012, the company has grown to the size of an international brand, popular in 20 countries.
ELARI products successfully compete with leading global brands and are among the market leaders in the categories of wearable electronics. In 2018, ELARI became the number one seller in the category of wireless headphones and children's watches, phones in Russia, and other countries, as well as the absolute leader in sales onboard Aeroflot.
Our mission is to create smart products and develop technologies that are understandable even to a child and make them available to millions to improve the quality of life, fill it with new experiences, break free from everyday routine, and pay more attention to loved ones.
Today the ELARI business
has 150+ products in 3 areas
ELARI SmartGadgets
Smart electronics for everyday life

Children's smartwatches for security and communication, wireless headphones and speakers for high-quality sound and active lifestyle lovers, mobile routers for traveling, mobile charging stations, travel gadgets.
ELARI SmartHome
The ecosystem of smart home devices and technologies

Smart bulbs, switches, sockets, cameras, sensors, infrared remote controls, robotic vacuum cleaners are produced by ELARI in partnership with TUYA. TUYA is the leading global platform for artificial intelligence and the Internet of things. Our products support voice control via voice assistants: Alice from Yandex, Google's Google Assistant, and Marusya from Mail.ru.
ELARI SmartRetail
A new digital trend in retail

Unique technologies and software allow the remote control of the visual communication at points of sale right on the multimedia price tags and displays, as well as make purchases without the participation of salesmen.
Around the World
ELARI products are sold in major electronics retailers in Russia, the CIS, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, on leading e-commerce sites (Amazon) and international airline flights.
We make products that help people live smart and balanced lives, allowing them to be more efficient and focused, all while remaining affordable and caring of those who need them.
Yosef Sachs


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