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Contactless infrared thermometer
Instantly check temperature
at home and in the office
In stock. Wholesale and retail.
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Health monitoring made easy
Feeling bad? It is usually long and difficult to measure your temperature: you need to hold the thermometer and wait a few minutes. Moreover, if the thermometer is not held firmly, then the measuring process will have to be repeated.

SmartCare thermometer simplifies the measurement process and makes it fast. How fast? Just a couple of seconds fast.
Lightning fast
Conventional mercury or electronic thermometers take several minutes and depend on how firmly they were held during the measurement. Infrared thermometer eliminates these inconveniences. It will measure your temperature in an instance.
Main features
Color and sound indication
(to inform about the increased temperature)
2 modes: one to measure body temperature,
another one to measure other surfaces
The ability to check data
on the last 32 measurements
LCD display
Auto shutoff after 10 seconds
to save battery
Non-contact measurement
of body, fluids etc.
Infrared sensor for zero-contact measurements
Baby is sleeping and you want to avoid disturbance? Want to monitor the temperature of your employees in the office? With an ordinary thermometer, it is difficult to check the temperature without waking the baby, and in case of employees – it is necessary to use separate thermometers for hygiene reasons. 

SmartCare thermometer works using the special infrared sensor. It allows you to quickly find out the temperature of a body, liquid or other surface from a 3-10 cm distance, without any contact. Just point the thermometer and hold down the button.
Will measure and remember…
While monitoring your health, it is important to be aware of the temperature across several days in a row and monitor the changes. The SmartCare thermometer will help: up to 32 recent measurements are stored in the memory.
...And alarm you
If the temperature is elevated, the thermometer will let you know via the sound signal and color indication.
The screen will turn green at normal temperature, yellow at slightly elevated, and red at a dangerous level.
32,0 – 37,4 °C
37,4 – 38,1 °C
You'll hear a beep
38,1 – 42,9 °C
"HI" indicator
You'll hear a beep
Want to measure something else?
Not a problem
There is longer no need to measure the temperature by touch. It is enough to switch the SmartCare thermometer to an alternative mode and point it to what you want to measure.

Therefore, you can find out the temperature of surfaces and liquids: whether the milk in the feeding bottle is too hot, water – comfortable for taking a bath, or the bed being warm enough for the baby.
Protect yourself and loved ones
Regularly measuring the temperature, you can monitor your condition and the health of loved ones. Zero contact and fast measurement speed will allow you to perform this process quickly and hygienically, at home or in the office of company employees.
Not a medical device,
not intended for medical use

Forewarned is forearmed



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