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The bright solution for child safety
Take care of your
child's safety
Kids’ watch-phone is a unique way to increase the safety of your child. This gadget is constantly on your child's hand, tracks the location using the satellites, as well as the surrounding environment thanks to audio monitoring.
Striking IPS screen
SOS mode
IP67 dust and splash proof
GPS navigation
Multilingual interface
Voice chat
Arithmetic game
Bright, fresh ergonomic design
The straps and cases stand out in three vibrant colors. The bright 1.3-inch touchscreen display reveals the juicy interface made in a special "fruity" theme.

The soft silicone strap with a recess inside allows the skin to breathe. And due to its low weight, the watch is almost imperceptible on the wrist.
Communicate the way you like
Missing your child's voice? Just call the watch the same way as the regular phone. The list of allowed phone numbers is configured from the parents' smartphones.

If it is inconvenient to call, voice chat is always available. It allows you to send voice messages for them to be listened and replied to in a convenient manner.

Otherwise, if you just want to send a text message to your child, use the text chat. The child can answer with a voice message or a funny fruit sticker.
Where is the kid? What's happening?
The watch is equipped with an advanced tracking module - you can see all the movements of the child right in your smartphone. The watch determines its location using GPS satellites. If there is no signal - it uses LBS cell towers, and Wi-Fi is used in dense urban areas.

Using the application, you can view the watch's battery level, the movement history on the map, set a remote alarm, turn on audio monitoring, and much more.
Safe zones
Location tracking
Audio monitoring
Control easily from your smartphone
The watch is fully remotely controlled and configured from parents' smartphones via the free ELARI SafeFamily app available on the App Store and Google Play.
What if something happens?
If something happens, the child can raise an alarm by pressing the SOS button. Parents and other relatives configured in the app will immediately receive an emergency notification. The position of the child on the map and the recording of audio monitoring will be attached to the notification.
Not afraid of dirt and water
Smartwatch is dirty? Just wash with a wet cloth. The watch can easily withstand the rain and even an accidental fall into a puddle - the SIM card slot is secured with a sealed rubber flap. IP67 protection takes care of the rest.
The bright solution for child safety


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