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All in one watch. And even more
KidPhone 4G has it all for safety, communication, education and entertainment. Video calls and Alice with blazing fast 4G speeds, camera, MP3 player, 3 tracking modules, audio monitoring, take-off sensor, SOS button and – water and dust protection for playgrounds and hand washing. And the list keeps going!
Alarm Clock, Pedometer
Strong protection against water
and dust according to IP67 standard
1.3'' bright color
touch screen
Emoji style menu
2MP camera
Audio monitoring of the
situation around the watch-phone
Take-off sensor
Dedicated SOS Button
The phone that will always come in handy
Your call will definitely not be missed, because having the watch-phone on a hand is so convenient! And it is also possible to make a call from the watch by just one button press.
Hi, I'm Alice!
Children love to chat with charming Alice. And in return, she makes sure that children develop new skills and gain knowledge, while never getting bored.
How much does a cat weigh?
Let's chat
What is the answer for 17+7?
Tell me a fairy tale
Let's play "Cities"
What is the weather today?
Everything for education and entertainment
Educational content from leading children's studios will be available in the ELARI SafeFamily application. Parents can install it on their child’s watch directly from their smartphone.
Music makes everything more fun!
The mp3 player built into the watch turns KidPhone 4G into a real music center because you can easily connect a Bluetooth speaker or headphones. You can store music on the watch by connecting KidPhone 4G to a PC using the included cord.
Not only you can hear, but you can see
It is possible to chat with parents and friends using video chat! Moreover, you can call both the parents' smartphones and other ELARI watch-phones.
Your child's movements in the palm of your hand
The watch is equipped with an advanced tracking module - you can see all the movements of the child right on your smartphone!
Learn while playing!


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