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3 November 2020
#Announcement, #Smart-watch
The kids' safety is under the Fixies' control!
The watch-phone is specially designed not just as a means of communication, but as an assistant to a kid in the knowledge of the world. The bright menu has an entire kid's support team built right into it: each function is represented by the unique Fixie. It is not necessary to know how to read to choose an option - it is enough to find the desired cartoon character using the touch screen. Therefore, even kids of 4-5 years old can easily operate the smartwatch. GPS, Wi-Fi, and GLONASS track the watch's movement in the free ELARI SafeFamily smartphone app. In the event of satellite signal loss, the LBS module will determine the location from the surrounding cell towers. The ELARI SafeFamily mobile app allows to set up a geo-fence - if the kid leaves it, the parents will be notified on their smartphone. The built-in 2G module provides high-quality incoming and outgoing audio calls from the strictly defined list of contacts. The SOS button allows to instantly raise an alarm in case of an emergency, and the audio and photo monitoring function allows to monitor the watch's surroundings. Preschool and elementary school children tend to often forget or lose personal items. For such situations, the ELARI Fixitime Lite has an option to send an alert when it is removed from the wrist: an alert will appear in the ELARI SafeFamily mobile app. IP67 water and dust protection means that parents do not have to worry about the watch getting out of order if the child gets carried away playing with water or suddenly decides to build a sandcastle. The ELARI Fixitime Lite also knows how to take photos and share photos with the saved contacts. And the bright stylish straps can be replaced and shared with friends. The watch does not require daily recharging: the 480 mAh battery provides up to 3 days of standby time, which means that kids will always be connected.
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