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22 October 2020
#Smart-watch, #Announcement
KidPhone 4GR - the flagship in the family of the ELARI kids' watches
The first 4G kids' watch on the Android platform that is round - this is symbolized by the R prefix in the name - Round. The watch is equipped with the IPS 1.3" 240x240 touchscreen. The reliable and compact 580 mAh battery holds the charge well and does not overheat, while not weighing down the device. On average, the watch can work up to 48 hours in standby mode. The model has advanced design options and screen menu personalization: choose from 3 themes - "white", "black" and "tropical". Each theme contains 5 options for screen images and wallpapers. Depending on the theme, the application menu can be either horizontal or vertical. Additional advantages are provided by the built-in voice assistant Alice from Yandex and Android-based hardware, which allows to group a lot of useful functions in this small device and develop them further. Alice allows you to use the watch for kids' education and broadening of their horizons through a variety of voice-activated content - lots of fairy tales, stories, and voice games that develop memory, logic, and thinking. The built-in 2-megapixel camera enables video calls in addition to voice calls and messages. The ability to connect to Wi-Fi saves cellular traffic, and the improved loudspeaker lets you comfortably talk and listen to music. You can connect your watch to any external audio device: headphones, speakers, stereo system, or car stereo via Bluetooth. Up to 2GB of memory is allocated for music and photo storage. Advanced GPS and Glonass tracking display your kids' movements in the free ELARI SafeFamily app. If a satellite signal is not available, LBS and Wi-Fi modules will find the location using surrounding Wi-Fi networks and cell towers. In case of an emergency, a kid can quickly signal for help using the built-in SOS button. The new take-off sensor will notify parents if the watch is removed from a wrist. ELARI's first kids' round watch-phone, the KidPhone 4GR, is just the thing to take care of extra safety for your kid without restricting their independence. Also, it's time to think about Christmas presents!
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