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21 February 2020
ELARI's “diamond success” at DISTREE EMEA 2020
ELARI successfully participated in the 18th independent business electronics forum DISTREE EMEA, which was held in Monaco from February 18 to 21, 2020, and won two Diamond Prizes in the nominations “Audio” and “Gadgets and Toys”. DISTREE is a closed professional exhibition for IT market leaders.

In recent years, the forum has become a platform that brings together representatives of ICT and consumer electronics companies with the most influential distributors. This year's event in Monaco brought together the largest players from Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Africa and some countries of North and Latin America, as well as Asia-Pacific countries.

The company introduced Bluetooth speakers and wireless headphones, products for the smart home, children's smart watches, phones, as well as numerous accessories. By tradition, a gala evening was held at the exhibition, at which leading distributors, retailers and representatives of the e-commerce sector evaluated the participants' projects. Experts chose the best based on the range of products, strategies, plans and potential for business development, as well as the results of meetings organized as part of the event to present DISTREE Diamond Awards.

The ELARI brand has proven its leadership position with two awards in the Audio and Gadgets and Toys nominations, leaving Aipower, Baseus, Cowin, Daewoo, Riversong, Trevi, as well as TGI, Celly, Ircorp, Pocketbook and Vantop behind.
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