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11 August 2020
ELARI + Next Mobile: perfect communication with your child
The NextMobile SIM-card was created specifically for kids' watches to provide reliable communication even in places where a particular cellular network might be unavailable. The universal SIM-card works with all major cellular network providers in Russia and automatically switches over to the network with the strongest signal to provide the best possible connection quality anywhere. Thanks to ASC technology - Automatic Seamless Connection - your child is always connected, can send an SOS signal at any time, and the position of the watch is always tracked in the mobile app. There is no need to visit a telecom shop to activate the SIM card: the watch and the cellular plan can both be set up in the ELARI SafeFamily app. Minimum effort, maximum security. You can get the SIM-card as a gift when purchasing a KidPhone Lite, soon available with other models.
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