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Thank you for choosing Elari SmartWiFi!

Your router has the following functions and benefits:
  • Innovative eSIM technology (virtual embedded SIM) provides mobile internet access wherever you travel at low cost of local carriers in almost 100 countries worldwide! Just choose data plan you prefer in SmartWiFi mobile application, and turn on your router in the country of destination. And your personal pocket internet WiFi hotspot is ready for use.
  • Powerful battery and powerbank (5200 mAh) let your router work for up to 12h in active mode and 300h in standby mode as well as recharge your mobile devices when needed.
  • Connection of up to 10 devices via WiFi.
  • Slot for regular SIM-card – your router supports physical SIM-cards (micro SIM). If you use physical SIM-cards please make sure that your tariff plan supports Hot Spot function (traffic sharing to other devices).

1. Please download Elari SmartWiFi application on your smartphone (available for iOS and Android in AppStore and PlayMarket).
2. Turnonyourrouterby holding Power button few seconds.
3. Please make sure that your router is in eSIM or Auto mode. To do this please remove a physical SIM-card from a SIM slot (if any) and check SIM-card status on a router screen as shown on the picture. If your router is in physical SIM mode, please change it to Auto following instructions in section “Switch to eSIM/Auto mode” below.

1. Open Elari SmartWiFi application on your smartphone.
2. Select language

3. Create your personal account in a profile. To do this please add your email address and create password (combination of 8-16 digits or letters).

4. A confirmation message with a verification link will be sent to email address you’ve registered.
5. Please press the link in the message to verify your email and complete registration. If you cannot click the link, please copy and paste it in browser address bar and press Go. In case you do not receive confirmation message for more than 1 minute, please check Junkmails in Inbox.

1. Please choose a country of your destination and preferable data plan

2. Select number of days you prefer and press BUY. Please notice that traffic is cheaper when you buy data plan for several days than for one day

3. Please enter 11-digit UID number of your router, which is printed on the back side of device.
4. After order confirmation you will be forwarded to secure payment interface. Please enter details of your bank card and confirm payment. Please be advised that the security of your payments and bank card details are guaranteed and protected by 3D Secure protocol standards.
5. You can check the status of your purchased data plans in “Data inquiry”. If your travel plans have changed,you can request for refund of inactive data plans. Please notice that refunde d amount may be different from the amount charged due to currency exchange rates and the currency of your bank card.

1. Data plan is valid for 24 hour after activation. If you buy data plan for several days, you will receive a new daily data quote each day (24 hours). Unused daily data quote is not moved over for the next day.
2. To activate data plan please turn off and on your router in a country of destination.
3. Important! Next data plan for the same country can be activated only upon the previous data plan expired, i.e. on the next day. If you are not sure that data volume you purchased is enough, you are recommended to buy a data plan of higher volume.
4. You are recommended to turn off updates of applications on connected mobile devices to save traffic.
5. Automatic registration of a router in the network may take long time. Please wait for at least 5 minutes before router reboot.
6. Important! Due to security reasons a router will be locked after multiple reboot attempts (10 reboots within 2 hours). It happens when there are no data plans purchased for the router and there are no physical SIM-card inserted. In such case you will see LOCKED sign on the screen. Please contact Elari support at smartwifi@elari.net; support@elari.net to handle this trouble.

1. Turn on your router by holding Power button.
2. Connect your mobile device (smartphone/tablet/notebook) to WiFi network of your router Elari_XXXX. You can check WiFi network’ name (SSID) and password (Key) on the screen of your router.
3. Open browser on your mobile device connected to WiFi network Elari_XXXX (internet connection for this operation not needed!), enter in address bar and press Go.
4. Enter login and password (default: login admin, password admin) and select language

5. SelectMore if you use mobile phone or skip this step if you use computer.
6. Go to Settings, and then select System in the left side menu and press Reboot.
7. Select eSIM or Auto mode and press Reboot button. Auto mode is more universal and preferableas your router will automatically work in eSIM mode if no physical SIM card is inserted in SIM slot, or in SIM mode if a physical SIM card is inserted in SIMslot.


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