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8 December 2020
The new "smart" ELARI KidLight Krosh night light is a great New Year's gift.
Holidays are getting closer, and there is less time to prepare a New Year's gift for a child. ELARI has released a new product specifically for the New Year – a silicone night light for children in the shape of Krosh, the main character in the Smeshariki cartoon. This is the first licensed silicone lamp-Krosh, created in cooperation with Smeshariki. The body is made of safe soft silicone, odorless, and without small and sharp parts. All materials comply with the sanitary, epidemiological rules and regulations for children's products. All parameters were carefully configured with children in mind, including color temperature and the ability to adjust brightness and operating mode. The lamp operates in three modes - static, gradient, and sequential, switching between nine colors - red, yellow, magenta, green, light blue, orange, blue, pink, white. Therefore, the night light creates a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere in the child's room. ELARI KidLight Krosh will appeal Smeshariki fans of any age!
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