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23 November 2020
#Announcement, #Smart Home
Perfect cleanliness with ELARI SmartBot assistants
Robot vacuum cleaners are gradually becoming an integral part of modern families' lives. ELARI will help you choose truly yours, most suitable, intelligent assistant that is ready to ensure perfect cleanliness in small apartments, rooms with pets, and spacious houses. Meet ELARI SmartBot Lite, ELARI SmartBot Brush, and ELARI SmartBot Ultimate. All three devices are suitable for dry and wet cleaning and are equipped with voice and remote control. ELARI SmartBot Lite is perfect for a quick cleaning in small apartments. It weighs only 2 kg, works for up to 110 minutes without recharging. Dry and wet cleaning will help you get rid of small debris without a trace. After cleaning, the device returns to the base for recharging all by itself. 5 hours later it is ready for use again. If you have a restless pet at home, then ELARI SmartBot Brush will come to the rescue. Weighs only 2.3 kg, lasts up to 120 minutes of cleaning, and collects pet hair efficiently. The wet cleaning mode is an obvious bonus, and thanks to the built-in gyroscope and eSLAM technology, ELARI SmartBot Brush independently finds the most effective route throughout your home. The ELARI SmartBot Ultimate is designed to make life easier in a spacious home with a large family. It will independently draw up a map of your home, identify and clean the dirtiest spots, recharge if necessary, and then return to cleaning. The robot can handle large areas with five cleaning modes: dry and wet at the same time, dry, automatic, spot, and “zone”. The battery capacity allows for up to 150 minutes of continuous operation. If the robot runs out of battery during cleaning, it will go to the charging station and, after recharging, will continue to clean from where it left off. This ability makes ELARI SmartBot Ultimate indispensable for homes and large areas. The vacuum cleaner can be controlled via the ELARI SmartHome app and voice assistants.
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