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How to connect headphones?

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What is the reason for sound interruption in wireless headphones when used outdoors?

A mobile device (a smartphone or a tablet) emits an undirected signal received by a small antenna, that is built-in wireless headphones. As the signal from the mobile device, conditionally speaking, goes in all directions, only a small part of it reaches the headphones. That is why the signal level can depend on many external factors:

  • The Bluetooth antenna in headphones receives not only a direct but also a reflected signal – therefore, the signal level would be better in a closed room.
  • In everyday use, a mobile device is often in your pocket or in your backpack, which additionally reduces the signal level (the direct signal is virtually absent).
  • In an open space (outdoors), the reflected signal is almost absent. Therefore, your headphones can lose connection with the signal source, so the sound interrupts.

Operating principle of the TWS (true wireless stereo) technology in Elari NanoPods

TWS (true wireless stereo) is a technology that allows two separate Bluetooth audio devices to operate in stereo headset mode. For this purpose, two separate Bluetooth audio devices are coupled with each other, one of them being the main, and the other, the auxiliary one. Then, the main device is connected to an audio source (data is transmitted through the Bluetooth profile A2DP). The main device, in turn, divides the signal into the right and left channels and transmits the corresponding channel to the auxiliary device.

In a pair of Elari NanoPods headphones, the right earpiece is the main one. Thus, if your smartphone is in your left pocket, the signal comes to the right (main) earpiece not directly, but only as a reflected one, either through the clothes or the human body. Therefore, in an open space, in the almost complete absence of any reflected signal, sound may be interrupted (especially in the left earpiece). At the same time, the battery discharges faster in the right (main) earpiece, as it is responsible not only for receiving the signal from the smartphone, but also for sending it to the auxiliary earpiece.

Thus, for smooth operation of a TWS Bluetooth headset, the signal source should be located as close as possible to the headphone, ideally, without physical barriers.

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