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KidPhone 2

Q: What type of SIM сard does the Elari KidPhone 2 support?

A: Elari KidPhone 2 supports GSM 900/1800 microSIM card .

Q: What is the standby time for Elari KidPhone 2?

A: Elari KidPhone 2 battery capacity is 450 mAh. The standby time depends on tracking mode and position frequency. Normally standby time is more than 72 hours.

Q: What is the age range for Elari KidPhone 2?

A: Target users are children from 3 to 12 years old.

Q: Are the materials of Elari KidPhone 2 safe for children?

A: The Elari KidPhone 2 uses material that conforms to the children’s toys material safety standards in the European Union and China thus there is no worry about safety.

Q: How I can clean this watch?

A: Please wipe it with a clean damp cloth; add a little bit of alcohol if the dirt doesn’t remove easily.

Q: Does the Elari KidPhone 2 radiation affect kid’s health?

A: Elari KidPhone 2 radiation rate is much lower than European standard.

Q: Are the Elari KidPhone 2 waterproof?

A: No. It is ok to be splashed with water, but should not be washed or soaked.

Q: Is it normal for the watch to get warm while charging?

A: It is normal for the watch to get warm.

Q: What can I do if QR Code won’t scan?

A: Check that SIM-card inserted and Elari KidPhone 2 have GPRS connection. Try again with more light or adjust the distance between camera lens and QR Code. Or input the binding code manually.

Q: Does the watch need network support when using the geopositioning function?

A: Elari KidPhone 2 needs to use SIM card’s data service, which will upload data to the server.

Q: Can the battery of the watch explode when affected by high temperatures or while charging?

A: Elari KidPhone 2 uses a battery that’s durable and has a higher safety performance compared to the traditional lithium-ion battery. The gel polymer lithium-ion battery uses a special colloidal electrolyte which will prevent it from exploding as the battery does not produce air or gas even if the liquid boils. This type of battery showed perfect performance in dozens of reliability tests such as crash, acupuncture, crushing and heating.

Q: How accurate is the location positioning?

A: Elari KidPhone 2 can get position from 2 sources: GPS and LBS. GPS-mode is very accurate. In tall buildings and other urban obstructions there is a small chance of larger deviation. Elari KidPhone 2 will try to get its position via LBS if GPS signal is not available.

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