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Updated firmware changelog (v2.46 and 2.35)

How to turn on the flashlight?
To turn on / off the flashlight, long press the confirmation button (left button from the top) when the phone screen is off.

Is it possible to install additional programs on ElariSafePhone?
All necessary programs are already pre-installed. Installation of third-party software in the phone is not provided.

How to transfer contacts to ElariSafePhone?
You can transfer contacts via SIM card from another mobile device, manually or through the Wherercom S3 application (installed on a smartphone connected to ElariSafePhone) by adding family members.

Can not change or delete a contact on SafePhone.
Contacts added to ElariSafePhone via Wherercom S3 application can not be deleted from the phone manually – only through the Wherercom S3 application.

Can not dial and send a USSD request to the mobile operator.
You need to update the phone software (available “by air”).

Can I change the font or the size of digits in SafePhone?
Due to the fact that the device is equipped with a compact screen, these parameters do not change.

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