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What mobile operating systems are supported by the application?
iOS version 7.0 and later. Android 4.0 and later.

No verification code is displayed on the screen after a tracker has been added. What should I do?
1) Check the signal reception of the cellular network.
2) Make sure that your SIM card supports the reception
of text messages and Internet access via GPRS.
3) Verify that the IMEI code has been entered correctly.
If none of the above helps, please contact the support team.

What should I do if I can’t scan the QR code?
Try to rescan the code in better light conditions or reduce the distance between the camera and the code.

How can I make a call using the watch?
You can specify 2 phone numbers using Wherecom. To perform a call on one of these numbers, hold the corresponding shortcut key for 3 seconds.

How can I use the SOS function?
When you hold the SOS key for 3 seconds, the watch records a voice message and sends an SOS signal together with the recorded voice message through the server to the smartphones of your family members. The family members receive a push notification of the alarm transmission from the tracker and the recorded voice message. Within 5 minutes after the alarm was received, the watch will
accept incoming calls from all the family members automatically and in silent mode, allowing the caller to learn the environment and communicate with the kid.

How can the location of the watch be defined?
Fixitime is one of the most accurate GPS-watches in its category. It determines coordinates using two technologies: GPS and LBS (positioning using cellular network base stations). However, due to positioning accuracy limitations for civilian GPS devices as well as in urban areas with tall buildings, the positioning accuracy can be reduced.

Is Internet access required for the watch to send its coordinates?
The location data is transmitted to the server via Internet, so data transfer on the SIM card should be supported.

Kids of what age are the target audience of the watch?
The watch is designed for children from 4 to 12 years old.

Are the materials used for the watch safe?
Only materials with high safety index that meet international standards are used while manufacturing the watch.

How can I clean the bracelet of the watch if it becomes dirty?
Wipe the bracelet with a clean damp cloth. If the pollution is severe, moisten the cloth with some alcohol.

Does the watch emit dangerous radioactive waves to the children?
The watch is not a source of radiation of radioactive waves, it is therefore safe for children and adults.

Is there a risk the of a battery explosion if subject to high temperatures or while charging?
Compared to the conventional lithium-ion batteries, the batteries used in Fixitime are more reliable, secure, compact, and resistant to
damage. The battery of the watch consists of explosion-proof colloidal electrolytes which do not emit gas even at elevated temperatures.This battery type has shown superior results during various tests on resistance to impact, deformations and high temperatures

Is the watch resistant to moisture?
The watch is moisture-proof to a certain level. It has splash water protection, can survive washing hands or getting under a light rain.
However, do not immerse the watch in water. Also, avoid the impact of water jets.

The watch warms up during charging. Is this normal?
Yes, it is normal for the battery to warm up during charging.

1. Do not immerse the phone in water.
2. Do not expose it to elevated temperatures.
3. Children should use the watch only under adult supervision.
4. To charge the watch please use only the enclosed cable.
5. The position of the tracker shall not be updated when the device is switched off or out of coverage area.

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