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KidPhone 3G


  • TrackingGPS/LBS/WiFi
  • Bluetooth4.0
  • Camera2 MP
  • Voice assistantAlice
  • Dual Band 2G900/1800
  • Dual Band 3G2100/900 WCDMA (Europe/Asia)
  • SIM cardnanoSIM card
  • Videochat functionKidPhone 3G-to-KidPhone 3G, smartphone-to-KidPhone 3G, KidPhone 3G-tosmartphone
  • Display1.3" TFT (240 x 240)
  • Memory4 GB ROM + 512 MB RAM
  • ProtectionIP65
  • ColorsRed, Black

Product overview

The ultimate kids’ smartwatch-phone with video call function! Elari KidPhone 3G gives parents the essential peace of mind about their kids: the watch is equipped with a GPS/LBS/WiFi tracking module so the parents сan monitor the child’s location on a map, make and receive voice calls, have a live video chat, order a quiet callback from the watch to listen to what’s going on around the child in an emergency, enjoy photos made by their child right on their smartphones! Thanks to the splash-proof design, kids can wear the watch while washing hands. For Russian speaking users, Elari KidPhone 3G is equipped with Alice, the AI voice assistant developed by Yandex, Russia’s #1 search and internet services company. For “Alice in Elari KidPhone” project, Yandex endowed Alice with skills meant particularly for children, so Alice can talk, play, entertain and teach the kids.

  • Videochat function (KidPhone 3G-to-KidPhone 3G, smartphone-to-KidPhone 3G, KidPhone 3G-tosmartphone)
  • Alice voice assistant for Russian language settings
  • Colorful high resolution touchscreen
  • 2 MP front camera
  • Two-way voice communication
  • Voice monitoring
  • GPS/LBS/WiFi tracking with geo-zones
  • SOS function with dedicated button
  • Dual Band 2G: 900/1800
  • Dual Band 3G: 2100/900 WCDMA (Europe/Asia)
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Emoji-themed interface
  • IP65 protection against moisture and microparticles
  • Slot for nanoSIM card
  • Class time mode, alarm clock, pedometer
  • Elari SafeFamily free multilingual app for iOS/Android


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