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Elari SmartSpin S1


  • MaterialHigh quality brass
  • Bearing type10-ball cermet
  • Body typeDemountable
  • Spin timeup to 4 minutes


  • Weight75 g

Product overview

Designer spinner-transformer Elari SmartSpin is a wonderful milestone of the “Smart Gadgets for Happy Life” philosophy. It`s an amazing digital detox product, which is made for moments when you hide your smartphone and become available for real communication and care for your loved ones. SmartSpin will help you keep your fingers busy and also please your friends and children! High-precision brass construction and a unique cermet bearing with ten bearing balls (there are no more than 5 of them for cheap spinners and SmartSpin fakes) allow SmartSpin to rotate incredibly long in your hands with a noticeable gyroscopic effect. You can change the number of the counterweights to achieve an interesting visual and tactile effects, including eccentric rotation! After trying the Elari SmartSpin once, you and your children won`t want to stop spinning!

By the way, sociological studies show that in most cases people are checking their smartphone just to take their hands off something, so they are distracted from communicating with other people, so…



  • SmartSpin S1 is a successful project, originally implemented as a result of crowding campaign at Indiegogo (one of the most popular public finance websites) with a lot of cheap fakes
  • Premium quality – SmartSpin is made of quality brass (while сheap spinners are often made with a lead admixture, which is dangerous for health)
  • Super long rotation – the 10-ball cermet bearing provides rotation up to 4 minutes
  • Original design with removable counterweights – you can change the shape of the spinner and the type of rotation
  • Demountable body design: convenient for cleaning / replacing components
  • Weight: 75 g

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