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ELARI Smart Infrared Remote


  • Power sourceDC 5V, 1A
  • Power consumption<0.4W
  • IR frequency38 kHz
  • IR range360°, up to 10 m
  • Operating temperature0° to 50° C
  • Storage temperature-20° to 50° C
  • Operating humidity≤ 85% RH
  • Connection typeWiFi 2.4 GHz (802.11 b/g/n)
  • Wi-Fi encryption typeWPA/WPA2
  • Weight/Dimensions30 g/50 x 50 x 19.3 mm
  • (RU) Вес/габариты(RU) 30 г / 50 х 50 х 19,3 мм
  • (RU) Цвет(RU) черный

Product overview



ELARI Smart Infrared Remote (IR remote) is an ELARI SmartHome device for managing household appliances with IR sensors: TV, AC, fan, etc.


ELARI Smart Infrared Remote connects to the Wi-Fi network via ELARI SmartHome mobile app (free for iOS/Android) and allows you to make adjustments. You can turn devices on and off, change channels and volume on the TV, adjust the temperature of the AC and set timers, schedules or automatic scenarios.


You can set fans to turn on at the start of the day and aircon to turn off when the temperature drops. And with the “I’m home” scenario, your TV and set-top box will turn on automatically upon your arrival home.


Having activated ELARI SmartHome service in your AI voice assistant application, you can control your home appliances by voice, giving commands via ELARI SmartBeat smart speaker or other AI voice assistant device.

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