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Elari SafeFamily

APP overview

Elari SafeFamily is a universal application for Elari FixiTime, Elari FixiTime 2, Elari SmartTrack, Elari KidPhone and our new products – Elari FixiTime 3 and Elari KidPhone 2. Now these gadgets can be managed in one place – you no longer need to switch between different applications!

Elari SafeFamily has an updated interface and high usability that will allow you to take care for your loved ones!

Using the Elari SafeFamily application, you can:

  1. Configure the contact list.
  2. Track the location of the child
  3. Track the location of the pet, luggage or valuable cargo with the tracker SmarTrack.
  4. Set the geo position refresh rate.
  5. Remotely set alarms.
  6. Receive notifications if FixiTime 3 is removed from the hands of the child.
  7. Remotely make and view photos from both FixiTime 3 cameras and use audio-monitoring.
  8. Expose the allowed geo-zones – a virtual area, which is indicated around the usual child locations (kindergarten, school, etc). If child leaves the preset zone, you will receive a notification.
  9. Invite family and friends to track the location of the child and exchange sound messages.
  10. Receive SOS-signals from the clock in case of emergency: along with the signal, you will receive child`s geoposition, as well as audio recording from the microphone of the watch.
  11. And much more!

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