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16 March 2020
We moved!

The long-awaited move to the new site, which we and our customers have been dreaming about for so long, finally happened. Hooray!

The visual part of the site has changed a lot. Products got animated blocks - they fly out beautifully and rotate right on the main page of the site. Instead of gray and boring text descriptions, a separate landing page appeared for each product, demonstrating it in detail.

Now the brand website is merged with the online store. One login is enough, and go shopping! A personal account for managing orders has also appeared at your disposal. And soon, the site will be able to interact. For example, customers, without departing from the monitor, will be able to evaluate the operation of the ELARI SmartHome smart home system.

Moving is a painstaking and complicated matter, and therefore when using the site you can notice a couple of flaws. Please inform us about all bugs at support@elari.net.

In the meantime, with a housewarming party! Welcome to visit us!

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