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27 November 2019
#News, #Event
The winners of the contest "Universal Design" received prizes from ELARI

Universal Design is an all-Russian architectural competition for students, talented and concerned architects and designers who want to create comfortable living conditions for everyone and make the world a better place. The competition is a unique platform for the presentation of innovative ideas of young professionals and the exchange of experience. It allows implementing projects to create a universal space whose goal is a full and simple life for everyone, including children, people with disabilities, elderly people, where people with different abilities will feel comfortable and comfortable. The winners of the “Residential Buildings” nomination received SmartBeat “smart” speakers from ELARI, a Russian brand and manufacturer of smart gadgets.

Yosef Sachs, founder and managing director of ELARI, which provided prizes to the winners of the contest, noted that the new priority area of ​​ELARI's activities in the field of smart home devices aims to enable older people and people with disabilities to manage their environment through voice commands, both for easy and convenient access to entertainment content: music, radio, audio books, and for voice control of household appliances, such as TV, lighting, air conditioning, heat Sos, and the like. "

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