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17 December 2019
Partnership of ELARI and the Third Age Project

This is the first step in using the ELARI Smart Home ecosystem in a complex to optimize living space and quality of life for people with disabilities and older people.

In partnership with Yandex and the international IoT platform, Tuya ELARI is developing the ecosystem of the wireless “Smart and Happy Home”, which includes the portable ELARI SmartBeat speaker as a voice control center, smart sockets, smart bulbs with different caps, a smart surveillance camera, a universal infrared remote control, temperature and humidity sensor, motion sensor, door open sensors, smart button, robotic vacuum cleaners and many other devices. The system is constantly evolving, expanding the ELARI range of smart home devices.

“The mission of ELARI is to create products for a more convenient and happy life. We are pleased to be able to give the “Third Age” project the “heart” of our smart home - the ELARI SmartBeat smart speaker. Voice control of the column through Alice from Yandex will enable you to turn on your favorite music or radio stations using voice commands. Our products are easy to use and accessible to everyone, including children and older people, so everyone living in the complex can use them. We are glad that this cooperation is possible and we hope that on the eve of the New Year the music will bring a festive atmosphere to the residents and guests of the Third Age, ”commented Josef Sachs, founder and managing director of ELARI.

ELARI speakers will not only help create the right atmosphere and please the elderly, but will also have a positive effect on their health. As many scientific studies confirm, music improves cognitive functions of the brain; music therapy is effective in combating dementia and during rehabilitation after a stroke.

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