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27 January 2020
Help Fixies - win prizes from ELARI!

January 27, registration for participation in the annual online competition "I love mathematics" for children 1-5 classes. The Olympics were organized by the Yandex.Tutorial project and the Moscow Center for Pedagogical Excellence. The children are invited to show their knowledge and resourcefulness in solving interesting interactive tasks with the heroes of the popular animated project “Fixics”. Little men living in household appliances are well versed in technology and give a lot of useful advice - that is why they became the main characters of the Olympiad tasks. So, for example, solving problems, schoolchildren will help fixists fix robots - works created by treacherous Erica to make them cute and friendly.

This year ELARI company supports holding the Olympics with cool prizes! Those who successfully pass the tests will receive a worthy reward from ELARI: ELARI FixiTone folding headphones, the world's first 3G ELARI KidPhone 3G watch phone and ELARI SmartBeat “smart” wireless speakers. The smart assistant Alice from Yandex “lives” in ELARI watches and columns, who will become a partner in any adventure: whether it be the thorns of new knowledge, games with friends or travel. With a set of useful gadgets from ELARI and loyal helpers - Alice and Fixiks - no obstacles are scary, and even the most difficult task turns into an exciting adventure.

Go ahead for new knowledge and good luck to all participants!

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