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23 April 2020
Contactless infrared thermometer: forewarned is forarmed
ELARI launches a new product category for health and the first product is contactless infrared thermometer. Ordinary thermometers take a couple of minutes to measure your temperature. They also require physical contact. Contactless infrared thermometer ELARI SmartCare will do the same quickly and safely. No need to touch anything: 3-15 cm is enough. The temperature rading will appear in a couple of seconds.

An audible signal and color indication will immediately warn you of an increased temperature: the display is yellow at 38°, and red - in case of extreme heat. Memory for 32 measurements will allow you to trace the healing process. A special mode for contactlessly measuring the temperature of various surfaces is included: measure a temperature of a water in the bathroom or a milk porridge in a bowl.

Contactless thermometer will likely be handy in any home or enterprise, in a store and in a factory, in a bank and government agency, office, school and kindergarten.

Everyone today must show responsibility to society and make a feasible contribution to the fight against the coronavirus epidemic. We have tried to launch our new product as soon as possible to help you protect yourself and your loved ones.

Live smart and happy. And stay healthy!
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