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10 February 2020
5 new products that save you from routine
We are expanding the range of devices for smart homes and presenting new products developed in partnership with Tuya, the largest international AI + IOT platform. The new line includes the ZigBee sensor for temperature and humidity ELARI Smart T&H Sensor, ZigBee sensor for opening doors, windows and drawers ELARI Smart Door Sensor, as well as the infrared ZigBee sensor ELARI Smart Motion Sensor, ZigBee security button ELARI Smart Button and “Smart” controller for controlling ZigBee ELARI Smart ZigBee Gateway devices. Thanks to the laconic design, devices perfectly complement any interior.

Smart sensors allow you to configure personalized automatic scripts to control temperature, air humidity, opening and closing doors, windows and drawers, as well as other functions. When connected to the ELARI SmartHome platform using the ELARI Smart ZigBee Gateway controller, the system will send push notifications to the user. The ZigBee protocol reduces power consumption, and building a MESH-type network significantly increases coverage. This solution is ideal in places with unstable Wi-Fi coverage, as the automation and interaction of ZigBee devices will remain when the Internet is turned off.

“The Russian SmartHome market is growing rapidly,” commented the founder and managing director of ELARI, Yosef Sachs. - Our mission is to create high-tech and at the same time easy-to-use products that make life easier and happier. Therefore, we continue to expand the ELARI smart home ecosystem, complementing it with new solutions. Our new devices will let you feel the magic of a truly “smart” home. ”
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