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Elari NanoPhone C becomes this summer’s bestseller on “Aeroflot” flights!

During vacation months Elari NanoPhone C has shown itself to be an irreplaceable gadget for travels, and has become a best-selling new product on “Aeroflot” flights.

Sky Shop catalogue that comes with every “Areoflot” flight claims Elari NanoPhone C as the №1 seller on domestic flights, and a proud third place on international flights.

Sky Shop magazine is a selling guide for all “Aeroflot” passengers. Elari has a long history with the magazine, and Elari products consistently become best sellers. For example kids’ smartwatch/mobile phone Elari FixiTime 2 are an unmatched bestseller for 2015-16, and Elari PowerCard and Elari PowerPort take leading positions in the “Electronics” section.

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