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Type the characters you see on the picture
Easy to use and affordable model
of ELARI kids’ watch-phones.
Bright colorful screen
Splash proof
Classroom mode
Capacious battery
SOS mode
Emojified interface
You always know
where the kid is
Thanks to the location tracking, you can see all movements of the child on your smartphone. Set a geofence, and if the child leaves it, you will receive a notification.
Safety first
In an emergency, the child can press the SOS button - the parents will be notified immediately.
With studying in mind
The "Classroom" mode helps the child to avoid distractions, the alarm will get him up on time. The emojified interface will cheer the child up, and the pedometer and accelerometer will help the kid to stay in good shape.
Everything’s under control
The watch is fully controlled using the ELARI SafeFamily app on your smartphone.


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