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Smart robot vacuum cleaner with voice/remote control
Autonomous, smart and obedient
Remote control via ELARI SmartHome app
Automatic return to
dock station for charging
Wet cleaning option
Voice control via Alice voice assistant from Yandex
Floating main brush
Totally silent
Will leave everything squeaky clean. Even the most difficult to clean areas
The robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a variety of cleaning modes, suited for different needs. Automatic mode will handle the usual dust and dirt buildup. The "Clean alongside walls" mode will help to clean the dirt and dust that has accumulated on the edges of the room Special spot cleaning mode will be handy to thoroughly clean the small selected area. If the annoying dirt spot will be hard to clean, use the turbo power vacuum mode!
Three-step cleaning system and silent mode
The main brush with V-shaped grooves, ELARI SmartBot Turbo sweeps, collects and vacuums dust and dirt during one pass. This allows carpets to be cleaned more thoroughly and accurately.
  1. Rotating turbo brush for more thorough and efficient cleaning
  2. The wet cleaning mode with a special nozzle will make your home even cleaner
  3. Dynamic contour brushes sweep dust out of the tightest to reach corners
Will reach. Everywhere
Two spinning cleaning brushes extend past the robot vacuum cleaner's body. Therefore, they clean dust from difficult to reach areas and corners: at the baseboards, under the furniture, between the legs of tables and chairs. Combined with the high suction power, the dirt and dust won't stand a chance. Even at places where you won't usually notice them.
Clean and charge. All by itself
SmartBot knows where its charging station is. When it runs out of charge, the robot vacuum cleaner will find its way to the charging station and start charging to be ready for the next cleaning session.
As well as filter the air for you
The robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with dust protection and filtering. SmartBot reduced the number of particles that cause allergies and asthma, flowing in the air around you. It does so during the cleaning. Thanks to this protection, you will breathe easier every day.
Smart and delicate
You won't have to worry about your furniture! SmartBot is equipped with collision sensors, that allow the robot to avoid bumping into corners and walls. It will handle your home with care.
Stairs and doorsteps are not an issue. Thanks to the falling sensor, SmartBot won't travel far from the edge of the stairs or falls.
Have you spotted dust? Just tell about it
SmartBot is the ELARI SmartHome product. That means that it can be controller by voice. Install the ELARI SmartBeat speaker or any other device with Alice from Yandex inside and just ask the robot to clean the room. Everything else will be handled accordingly.
Smart robot deserves a smart remote
SmartBot works automatically. However, if you want to control things manually - just pick up your smartphone. ELARI SmartHome app allows you to edit and set automatic scenarios, schedules, change cleaning modes — and even control SmartBot using a virtual joystick!
One touch to bring SmartBot Turbo to life
If it's easier to reach the robot vacuum cleaner than your smartphone or use the voice command, the robot's body has two buttons. After you press the "Off/On" button, the SmartBot will immediately start cleaning. And when you need the robot to be charged immediately, press another "Home" button.


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