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ELARI NanoPods Sport
Waterproof, wireless Hi-Fi stereo earphones for music and calls with magnetic charging case and Bluetooth 5.0
Perfect in every detail
Superior sound
Works up to 4 hours
Bluetooth stereo
Summon the voice assistant
Charging case
Moisture protected
Fast charging
Effective sound isolation
Bluetooth 5.0
Bluetooth 5.0 in stereo headset mode for more reliable smartphone connection: signal range is increased by 4 times.
Excellent autonomy
Listen to music or chat via phone/messenger up to 5 hours on a single charge! The elegant magnetic case will securely store and quickly recharge the NanoPods Sport.
Magnetic case
A miniature magnetic case that not only allows you to conveniently store but also quickly recharge your earphones - up to 4 full cycles.
Protected from moisture
Waterproof according to IP67 spec – NanoPods Sport can be used for swimming and active sports.
Comfortable to train
NanoPods Sport earphones are ergonomic and fit well in your ears and will not fall out during vigorous exercise.
Comfortable to run
The NanoPods Sport earphones are the perfect companion for your morning and evening runs.


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