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ELARI EarDrops
Present the lightest wireless TWS headphones with Bluetooth 5.0, magnetic case, excellent sound and support for stereo calls.
Easy to enjoy the sound
The EarDrops sound has been created by Jah Khalib - one of the best rap singers and beatmakers of Russia. Using his sound engineering skills, he tuned the sound to have deep bass, as well as pronounced mids and crystal clear highs for you to enjoy the soundstage.
«The other headphones have a lot of "subs", and you hear one bass that covers all the other frequencies. In EarDrops, everything is separate: there is a low, there is a middle and there is a highest frequency. This is very important to me. Really good earbuds!»
Easy to communicate
The fast and powerful wireless Bluetooth 5.0 module provides a stable connection with a smartphone, an increased signal range and a stereo headset mode: you can hear the person on another side of the phone in both earphones during phone calls.
Powerful Bluetooth 5.0
Signal range
up to 25 meters
Easy to wear
EarDrops are tailored to the anatomy of the auricle and are perfectly fixed in-ear. Thanks to a special coating on the inside, the earphones are great for long-term wear.
Eternally blissful to listen to
The sound of the new EarDrops was created to accurately transmit all frequencies. Acoustic cameras and earphone drivers are adjusted so that low frequencies do not prevail, as often happens, over all others. Bass, mids, and highs sound equally clear and loud in EarDrops.
Easy to charge for all-day use
EarDrops sound up to 4 hours in playback or talk mode. The earphones ran dry, but there is no time to wait for a full charge?EarDrops gain enough charge for 1 hour after just 20 minutes of charging. The magnetic charging case has a charge level indicator and starts charging automatically when the earphones are placed inside.
Up to 4 hours of functioning on fully charged earphones
Almost a day of battery life with the magnetic charging case.
Four full charge cycles per case
Easy to pair
EarDrops will do everything themselves: turn on and pair between themselves, allowing you to connect them to your device. You only need to take them out of the case.
Auto power on
Auto power off
Auto connection
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