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The first wireless smart speaker with voice assistant Alice from Yandex
Meet SmartBeat
The portability, autonomy, and elegant design of the Elari SmartBeat speaker make it useful in an office, in a car, on a picnic... As well as at home - in a kitchen, bedroom, living room, or even in a bathroom.
Voice control with Alice from Yandex
Works up to 5 hours without recharging
Bluetooth module
5W wideband speaker
Work via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, AUX input
Ability to manage smart home devices
Capacious 3200 mAh battery allows the speaker to work up to 5 hours without recharging in Wi-Fi mode and up to 8 hours via Bluetooth.
Working time when
using Wi-Fi
Working time when
using Bluetooth
A powerful 5W wideband speaker will rock any party of yours, whether at home or outdoors.
Make it sound your way
Stream over Wi-Fi from compatible applications on your phone or laptop, play songs directly via Bluetooth or use an aux stereo cable.
Powerful Bluetooth 5.0 module
Connect via Wi-Fi
Connect via AUX input
Kind, smart Alice
By connecting the speaker to the Internet using the Yandex application, you can ask Alice to play any music or turn on the FM radio station. It is also possible to set an alarm, or remind you of an important event or meeting in time, ask about the weather, and generally ask for any info you can think about. And if you want, you can simply chat with Alice.
“Alice, play the song
We Will Rock You”
“Alice, set an alarm
for 8 in the morning”
“Alice, turn on
Business FM station”
“Alice, where can I eat borscht?”
“Alice, tell me the
weather forecast for the
next three days”
“Alice, please read
the technology news”
Smart home
SmartBeat is at the heart of the ELARI SmartHome. Manage household and electronic devices using just your voice. You can turn on the lamp before you get out of bed, turn on the coffee maker on the way to the kitchen, or dim the lights while sitting on a sofa to watch a movie.


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