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ELARI NanoBeat
Compact and stylish, this wireless stereo speaker pleasantly surprises with loud and high-quality sound. It fits easily in your pocket and even in the palm of your hand. Take NanoBeat with you to the party, connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and delight your friends with your favorite music!
Small as a ping pong ball
Fits easily in your pocket and even in the palm of your hand.
The speaker's diameter is only 4 cm.
Ultra-compact size, 4 cm in diameter
Bluetooth headset mode
Pure quality sound
Works up to 10 hours without recharging
Built-in microphone
Stereo effect when connected to another NanoBeat
Powerful and high-quality sound
A sufficiently loud and powerful speaker will fill the room with great sound.
Stereo effect
You can purchase a second NanoBeat, pair it with the first one via Bluetooth and enjoy great stereo effect!


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