Elari SmarTrack

  1. What SIM Card does the SmarTrack watch support?
    It supports GSM 900/1800 with a micro sim card with Internet
  2.  How long is the standby time for SmarTrack watch?
    The SmarTrack watch’s battery capacity is up to 600mAh. The
    standby time depends on tracking mode and position frequency.
    Normally standby time is more than 100 hours.
  3. Ž What is the age range of SmarTrack watch?
    Target users are children aged 4 to 12.
  4.  Is the material safe and secure?
    The SmarTrack watch uses material that conforms to the children’s
    toys material safety standard in the European Union and China.
  5.  How do I clean my watch?
    Please wipe it with a clean damp cloth or wipe with a little bit of
    alcohol if dirt is not easy to remove.
  6. Does the radiation from SmarTrack watch affect children’s
    SmarTrack watch radiation rate is much lower than the European
  7. Is the watch waterproof?
    Our SmarTrack watch is only water-resistant. It is ok to be splashed
    with water, but should not be washed or soaked.
  8. Is it normal for the watch to get warm while charging?
    It is normal for the watch to get warm.
  9. What can I do if QR Code won’t scan?
    Try again with more light or adjust the distance between camera
    lens and QR Code. You can also input the code manually.

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