Elari SafePhone

Список изменений в обновленной прошивке (v2.35)
Updated firmware changelog (v2.35)

Q: How to turn on the flashlight?
A:To turn on / off the flashlight, long press the confirmation button (left button from the top) when the phone screen is off.

Q: Is it possible to install additional programs on ElariSafePhone?
A:All necessary programs are already pre-installed. Installation of third-party software in the phone is not provided.

Q: How to transfer contacts to ElariSafePhone?
A: You can transfer contacts via SIM card from another mobile device, manually or through the Wherercom S3 application (installed on a smartphone connected to ElariSafePhone) by adding family members.

Q:Can not change or delete a contact on SafePhone.
A: Contacts added to ElariSafePhone via Wherercom S3 application can not be deleted from the phone manually – only through the Wherercom S3 application.

Q:Can not dial and send a USSD request to the mobile operator.
A: You need to update the phone software (available “by air”).

Q: Can I change the font or the size of digits in ElariSafePhone?
A: Due to the fact that the device is equipped with a compact screen, these parameters do not change.

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