New Elari gadgets at IFA 2017!

Berlin’s IFA 2017 brings thousands of innovators to the heart of Europe’s most important regional market. This year Elari takes part in the exhibition and will present the world with products that help to concentrate on truly important things — family and live communication. At the exhibition our brand will present our new line-up as well as modified versions of our flagship products.

Ultracompact telephone/Bluetooth accessory Elari NanoPhone C, new generation of the kids’ smart watch with GPS/LBS/WiFi tracking Elari FixiTime3, the world’s first 3D spinner Elari Smart Spin Model X — every attendee will be able to try those original gadgets.

New Elari product – PolyGlot will surprise even the experts of mobile electronics. This pocket translator HEARS the speech and SPEAKS it at once on another language! Revolutionary gadget translates on 80 languages real time.


On IFA 2017 Elari has presented SmartWireless — a brand new product line-up that will forever change your everyday smartphone relationship.


  • Elari MagnetPower, a wireless charging device, an energy drink for your smartphone that guarantees full 100% charge.
  • Elari MagnetCharge and Elari CarMagnetCharge, minimalistic wireless docking stations that can hold your smartphone both horizontally and vertically.
  • With Elari MagnetPatch you will always be sure that your phone is securely held and charging.
  • Improved version of Elari MagnetPatch, MagnetPatch+ can turn your iOS or Android into a wireless-compatible device.


This and so much more we are currently displaying on Berlin’s IFA 2017, that will end September 6th!

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