Meet Elari SafeFamily – the new app for Elari Smart Family product line!

We at Elari take care of your loved ones safety, so we constantly improve our applications and gadgets. We strive to make interaction with our devices as simple and convenient as possible to help you devote more time to the most important – family, personal life and hobbies.

We launch Elari SafeFamily – a universal application for:

– Elari SmarTrack (a unique compact tracker-phone with GPS/LBS/WiFi)

– Elari KidPhone (children’s watch-phone with LBS tracking)

– Elari FixiTime (children’s watch-phone with GPS/LBS tracking)

– Elari FixiTime 2 (children’s watch-phone with GPS/LBS/WiFi tracking)

And our new product – Elari FixiTime 3 (waterproof children’s watch-phone with GPS/LBS/WiFi tracking, two cameras and take off sensor)
Now these gadgets can be managed in one place – you no longer need to switch between different applications! Elari SafeFamily has an updated interface and high usability that will allow you to take care for your loved ones.

If you or your loved ones are already use these gadgets – download the new, improved Elari SafeFamily application on Google Play or the App Store.
A detailed description of the application can be found at this link.

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